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What is involved in a comprehensive eye examination

At Scenic Rim Optometrists we bulk bill eye examinations and at every initial consultation we perform the following tests:

  • thorough case history 
  • measurement of your unaided vision
  • vertometer reading to tell us the strength of your current spectacles
  • neurological examinations
  • measurement of your prescription automatically (without you telling us anything) with our auto-refractor or retinoscope
  • double checking the automatic prescription result by asking you which lenses are clearer to look through
  • measurement of best corrected distance vision
  • calculation of reading prescription and best corrected near vision
  • binocular vision testing (measuring how well your eyes work together)
  • intraocular pressures
  • anterior eye examination that can detect dry eye, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, cataracts, pterygium, eyelid disorders, cancers of the lids and eye and much more
  • retinal examination that can detect glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (ARM), diabetes, high blood pressure, ocular blood clots, retinal tears or detachments and much more
  • Retinal Photography: a high quality digital image of the retina including the optic nerve, macula, blood vessels and surrounding retina of each eye (this test is not covered by Medicare and incurs a private charge of $30)
  • Optical Coherence Tomography: a high quality scan giving a three-dimensional scan of the retina including the optic nerve, macula and eye anterior (this test is not covered by Medicare and incurs a private charge of $40)
  • summary of examination findings and answers to presenting visual complaints
  • comparison between final prescription and current spectacles or contact lenses

To complete all of these checks,  30-40 minutes is needed to perform a thorough eye examination.

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