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When the original Colin Waldron first came to Beaudesert in 1928 he could never have believed that in 2010 his great grand son would return to open a practice in Beaudesert.

Colin was followed by his son Frank and then Frank’s son Colin, along with his wife Heather.  Now some 80 years later, Daniel Tune has brought the family tradition back to Beaudesert.

Dan is the great grandchild of the ‘first’ Colin Waldron.  When the opportunity came about to open a new branch of their business in Beaudesert in January 2010, Dan jumped at the opportunity to begin this practice.  The Waldron family have served the Beaudesert Community for 80 years and now the tradition continues.

In keeping with our philosophy of delivering quality eye care, the practice is equipped with 'state of the art' diagnostic equipment. This includes a computerised refracting unit, a digital retinal camera and a visual field analyser.  Scenic Rim Optometrists stocks a wide range of fashionable quality spectacle frames to suit all budgets - from fashion frames to simple classic styles.  As an independent optometrist, we have the ability to order spectacle lenses and contact lenses from any supplier, and can therefore prescribe lenses to suit each individual patient’s visual requirements.  We also stock a wide variety of sunglasses, all with 100% UV protection, including polarised options.

The clinical services are supported by friendly, enthusiastic and experienced dispensing staff.  The front office team consists of Daniel Tune & Katie Henderson who are continually updating their skills and extending their knowledge by keeping up to date with the latest optical products.  They are specially trained to educate you about the right optical products for your lifestyle.

Daniel Tune

Dan opened Scenic Rim Optometrists in January 2010.

He likes having the opportunity to provide our patients with excellence in service and able to educate patients with the knowledge he has learnt over the past 20 years doing his profession.

In 2011 he became a part of the Beaudesert community and looks forward to seeing you for your eye care needs in the near future.

His interests include cooking, fishing, travelling the world, playing cricket, four wheel driving and the outdoors.

Katie Henderson

Katie has been with Scenic Rim Optometrists since 2014.

Her background was in Hospitality so it’s been quite a career change. As an Optical Dispenser she is passionate about helping her patients get the best outcome in their new glasses.

In her downtime she likes to explore our beautiful country with her Husband in their 4 wheel drive.

Scott O’Kane

Scott joined the Scenic Rim Optometrists team in January 2023.

Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Optometry) at Queensland University of Technology in 1994. He has spent considerable time practicing in rural locations (including South Australia, Western Australia and country Queensland), gaining invaluable experience dealing with clinical cases in remote regions.

He completed his Ocular Therapeutic endorsement in 2011, and is a practicing therapeutically endorsed Optometrist.

He considers himself a "hands on" optometrist, and is as comfortable at the front counter dispensing specs, as in the back room testing eyes. He has a comprehensive practical knowledge of lens types and fitting, considering both the optometric and dispensing requirements of the job, and can do basic repairs and difficult adjustments as required. Equally important, with his extensive business background, he understands the finances involved in running a business, and how a balance between costs and professionalism is needed to operate a successful practice.

We value our relationship with the community and our patients and would love for you to come in to the practice to see us and to make an appointment for your next eye examination, eyewear and referral needs

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