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Visual Fields:

A computerised test that measures the peripheral vision in each eye.  Our Humphrey Visual Field Analyser gives us several maps of how well your visual system is functioning both centrally and peripherally.  This test is commonly used to monitor glaucoma, ARM, stroke sufferers and many other eye disorders.

Dilated Fundus Examination:

Involves the instillation of eye drops that dilate the pupil in about 20-30 minutes.  This gives us a better view of the retina, lens and vitreous.  Commonly used to monitor diabetes, glaucoma, ARM and retinal tears or detachments.

Diabetic Eye Examinations:

Involves the dilation of your pupils, a comprehensive eye examination and digital retinal photography.  Our optometrists will write a report back to your GP about the health of your retina, this is especially important if you are on a GP Management Plan.

Anterior Eye Photography:

A high quality digital image of the front surface of the eye.  Most commonly used to monitor a pterygium, but can also be used to photograph any abnormality of the front of the eye.

Contact Lens Fitting and Instruction:

Our highly trained staff member will teach you all aspects of safe contact lens wear including insertion, removal, care and maintenance, hygiene and hints and tips. 

Referral to Other Health Professionals:

Our optometrists are able to refer you directly to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) and regularly like to liaise with your GP and ophthalmologist (with your permission) to ensure you receive the best eye and general health care.

Workplace Eye Examinations and Prescribing of Safety Spectacles: 

We always remain up to date with the latest safety standards and can prescribe spectacles that are certified to the Australian Safety Standard.

Foreign Body Removal: 

Our optometrists have the specialised equipment required to remove foreign bodies safely, quickly and effectively.  First they use eye drops to numb your eye for removal and after they prescribe you antibiotic drops to prevent infection.

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